Donkeys can live for over 50 years.Donkeys are very strong and intelligent.A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size.Donkeys have an incredible memory – they can recognise areas and other donkeys they were with up to 25 years ago.Donkeys were supposedly domesticated around 5000 years ago in the north east of Africa from the Somali wild ass. The domestication if donkeys soon spread across the globe, with people mainly using the donkeys to help carry heavy loads and transport goods long distances.

Sabino horses have a pattern of white patches accompanied by splashes, spots and ticking.Most sabinos have flecks or roaning, especially those with extensive white. White marking on the face is a common characteristic of sabino. This might only be a few white hairs, but sabino horses are well known for often having extensive white markings, from a large blaze to “bonnet”, “apron” or “bald” faces.

The Dales Pony is native to the upper dales of North East England, and was bred specifically for the Pennine lead industry as a pack pony. Dales Ponies were also used as a  work horse on small hill farms in the area and were almost wiped out when they served with the Army as pack and Mountain Artillery ponies due to their tremendous stamina, courage, intelligence and calm temperament. Today, the Dales Pony is a favorite for trekking and long distance riding, but also are popular in cross – country, performance classes, dressage and driving.

my chicken

She is a rhode island red chicken.the size  Male grow to  8.5 Ibs and  Femalegrow to 6.5 Ibs. Rhode Island Reds were derived by Rhode Island farmers in the 1830’s because they were looking for a good dual purpose bird. 

                                                                                                                                                                                My chicken ^.^

she is a Light Brahma Hen. they are very gentle and can be easily handled, Lays medium brown eggs, Good brooder chicken, Feather footed, Has a variety of colorings: Light, Buff, and Dark, They come in standard size or bantam, Very hardy in heat and cold. they are nice chicken to have as pets.

                                                                                                                                                                                     my birds

This popular bird is kept as a pet in homes all over the world. Originating from Australia, parakeets like warm weather and lots of seeds and fruit. They are also known for being messy and quite loud!

                                                                                                                                                                            This would be max ❤

He is a schipperke mix. The Schipperke is active and likes to be involved in what is going on around him. Equally happy in an apartment or a home with a large yard, they should be kept on leash when not in a fenced area and be taken to obedience classes. The breed’s coat needs only weekly brushing and an occasional bath, although they there coat falls several times a year. the growth is for Male: 11-13 and Female: 10-12 inches.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This would be nicko. ❤

He is a pitbull mix with a husky. he is a working dog. he will live up to 12- 15 yrs old.They need a large yard with a high fence, but bury the wire at the base of the fence because they are likely to dig their way out and go off hunting.Destructive chewing, which is usually out of frustration and lack of exercise.Too much energy/lack of time for dog and breed specific legislation against the dog in the area,moving to an area with breed specific legislation.the dog also often are brought in as strays or confiscated from abusive owners, dog fighters, or criminals.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                              My turtles 🙂

Red-eared Sliders are brightly marked, and look a lot like the Western Painted turtles. One difference between the two is it’s top shell.The Red-eared Slider’s carapace looks like a bowl turned upside down while the Painted turtle is flatter. There are other distinguishing marks. The shell is divided into “scutes” they look like separate plates stuck together to form the shell. The scutes along the outside edge of the carapace are outlined in yellow. There is alos red ear mark located just behind the eye.The head, neck, and legs are greenish with yellow stripes. The plastron bottom shell is yellow with a dark, rounded blotch in each scute.Males are slightly smaller than females and have longer claws on their front feet. Old turtles, especially males, may become very dark and almost look black all over. Adult Carapace Length: 5 to 11 inches.

My Bunnies

The white with black is a standard rex bunny wich this breed is known for its specific fur, which feels like a velvet. It is often used as a substitute for other animals’ fur.Standard Rex fur has shortened so-called “guard” hair.This makes the coat very dense and short. This kind of coat would be mistaken for an undercoat on a normal rabbit.

My brown bunny is a Lionhead rabbit originated in Belgium. It is reported to have been produced by breeders trying to breed a long coated dwarf rabbit by crossing a miniature Swiss Fox and a Belgian dwarf. The Lionhead seemed to have been more popular than the long coated dwarf, and so breeders carried on this trend in breeding them intentionally, and so came what we know today as the Lionhead rabbit.It is one of the newest breed of domesticated rabbits. It has particularly long hair surrounding the face. Other characteristic traits of the lionhead include a rounded head and small size, usually between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds. It also tends to have slightly shorter ears than most breeds.

Dancing iguana! 😀 ; attack of the iguana! 😮

Iguanas are among the largest lizards in the Americas, around 6.5 feet long and weighing about 11 punds.They are also the most popular reptile pets in the United States, despite being quite difficult to take care of. In fact, most captive iguanas die within the first year, and many are either turned loose by their owners or given to reptile rescue groups.

cosmo sleeps like an angel! ^.^

My cat is a siamese wich it is believed though it is not exactly known that this breed of cats is descendant of the sacred temple cats in Siam now called Thailand. They were called “Moon diamond” in Siam. Legend has it that they keep away evil spirits and bring good luck to their owners and was often seen around in temples and Royal households. They made their appearance in the United States in 1878 when a gift of “Siam” from the American Consul in Bangkok was made to the American President. In 1884 a breeding pair of Siamese cats was brought to the United Kingdom by the British Consul-General in Bangkok as a gift for his sister. The breed of cat then soon spread to other parts of Europe and Asia.


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